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Thread: responsability or accesory?

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    responsability or accesory?

    haveing gain more regular stalking i felt i could justify and obligied to buy a dog for tracking and accompany me while stalking. i understand not all have room or the right circumstances to have a dog but personally i feel if a person salks on a regular basis a dog should be as much of a part of your kit as a rifle and good optics should be?? i enjoy working dogs and get as much pleasure from working them as pulling the trigger!! perhaps im just "barking" up the wrong tree but i know i will sleep better at night knowing ive done the upmost to find a lost animal for myself or a friend !!

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    i think your right ,ill be making that decision myself shortly
    if ya have the want and the work for the dog ,go for it

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    ive just bought a bmh pup and im looking forward to all the fun i hope it will bring!!! its sat here now sleeping on the sofa!

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    Nice to hear she is making herself at home

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    Haha she's into everything now!!! Really out going think she's out grown the garden just waiting for 2nd jab next week then she can meet some hooved four legged animals and the kennels!!!! The old springer playing mum has done her good although think she's ready for her to loose the puppy pins !!! Hopefully she will continue with the care free and outgoing attitude! She's come on quite quickly picked name up in just over a week ( ruby ) and sitting so hopefully be a dog to be proud of

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