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Thread: Happy days

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    Happy days

    i finally got my FAC back for norfolk police , 300 win mag on open ticket and with any lawful quary

    im almightly chuffed ! and it only took 3 months

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    well done i wish kent would use any lawfull quarry. I tried to get it on my ticket when opened but the feo was having none of it

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    nice one lee i got my 300 win mag back on an open ticket with an extra 270 added but my any lawfull quarry gone and deer fox and boar added so it will be going back in to be ammended,atb wayne

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    Avon And Somerset wont entertain AOLQ in any shape or form .

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    Sent off for .243 variation early November
    Still waiting, guess it shouldn't be long now :-/

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