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Thread: Berghaus goretex yeti gaiters.

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    Berghaus goretex yeti gaiters.

    Hello,have came into some berghaus yeti goretex gaiters,old stock from a berghaus outlet.I have been using them myself for 15 years and they are the best kit available for the hill,bogs or streams.Not only keeping my feet dry but protecting my expensive boots.Green in colour.selling up the road for 63.00 I'm looking for 28.00 posted.Only two sizes available...shoe size 42-43 or 46-47.they are a b****r to fit and if you get stuck there's a fitting guide on the net provided by Berghaus. Paypal welcome + 4%.

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    I'll take the 42-43 pair please. I make that 31.36 paypal...unless you'll do 28 paypal gift??? PM me with a paypal addy.

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