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    Went down and saw chris at south ayrshire stalking today to do my assssment for my DSC1 and passed!! really chuffed about it. was dreading the multiple choice questions and really hoping there weent too many of the close season questions.
    The initial grouping was fin apart from one shot that pulled but i knew i had done it, but it was still within the target. The second shooting deer silouette grouping was around 1cm from the 100m, 70m, &4om.
    Was shooting with Chris`s moderatated .243 tikka with 8x56 swarovski scope.
    All in all was excellent and really pleased with the layout that chris has down there.


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    well done frank,good luck for the future mate

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    Well done mate. Congratulations.

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    Well done mate. You have a PM

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    Well done mate.

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    Well done, must have had your head burried in the book to just do the tests, good on you for passing.


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    Well done Frank.....

    I'm looking forward to mine in March...

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    The stalkers manual became my bed time reading for weeks. Plus i was using deerquest alot aswell. I know its out of date but there is still alot of it relevant.
    The courses to me seemed abit excessive for someone to teach me what i can larn from a book. The DSC1 was mostly theory, Safety attitude, & Health and hygiene attitude. Although that was me personally i tend to take in more info if i read and take notes that way. But each to their own.

    Stephen PM Replied to!!

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    Well done mate I am pleased you didn't line the pockets of some parasite in the process
    Congratulations indeed

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    Well done Frank. Hopefully be joining you in a couple of months when there is a local assessment day to me!


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