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Thread: IOR scope valuation

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    IOR scope valuation

    I've got an IOR 6-24 x50 ir 35mm tube and mounts that has seen very little (less than 50 rounds) about a year old which i'm thinking about selling. stil with box and receipt. Absolutely cracking bit of kit. I think with the mounts it was well over a grand new. Could anyone advise me on a reasonable price as i'm in need of some funds.



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    John you have pm.


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    will try to get some photos up later but basically its the 35mm tube with the big drum turret.

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    about 2/3rds of the new price. Depending on reticle etc etc.

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    Awesome scopes, and defo built to last! iv a 2-12 on my .22, the scope in question 6-24 on my .223 and a 4.5-14 on my .308! Defo worth the money and i think optically clearer at dusk than the nightforces!**
    atb with the sale!

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    JohnYou have another pm.Andrew

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    yeti, did you have my IOR?Thats one of the best scopes Ive owned.

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    thanks so much for the help. They truley are great scopes. I've been advised prices anywhere from 6-900. I need to wait a couple of weeks to find out if i absolutely have to sell. Trust me i don't want to. If i do i will pop it in the sales section and warn everyone who has asked about it by pm.

    Thank tou again for all the help


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