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Thread: S&B Scope - a bargain?

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    S&B Scope - a bargain?

    Hi guys - just found this on eblag

    8x56 S&B, Hungarian - new, buy it now price 339 - UK seller, free p&p.

    If you are in the market for one it sounds like a good price.

    Just a thought though - don't blame me if its less than perfect, im just the messenger!



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    whats the difference between these and the german ones then?
    also im not to keen on the reticle,
    what do you guys think?

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    1shot1kill, ive got a s & b 8x56 with a 30mm tube its hungarian, i asked what the difference was & the gun shop owner said the only differance is that 1 is from germany & 1 is from hungry its the same scope,& an excellent one at that andy

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    Hungarian Vs German

    I have asked a S&B salesman what the difference was.

    He confirmed all components are exactly the same.

    Skilled labour is cheaper in Eastern Europe.

    I have a S&B 8x56 Hungarian. Why pay an extra 200+ for it to say German on it instead of Hungarian, with no difference in quality!!!

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    I have seen this on ebay as well, its a 1" tube, but should still be fine, to me its hell of a deal, here is the link.

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    S&B Hungarian

    The retail on these will go mental if the > price does not improve.

    I have 2 S&B scopes one german in 3-10x56 and a 8x56 fixed, both are tops

    The reticles are thicker european style for hunting not the paper puncher plex reticles of the USA.

    They take getting used to and whan zeroing @150m it can cover the point of exact aim but all in all excellent quality.

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    You won't go wrong with one of these scopes, I have a Hungarian one and it's very good.
    was on the phone this morning to York Guns for a cleaning kit for it and out of interest I asked for a price on one 30mm tube------548

    I bought mine last May and it cost me 410 brand new
    Did not realise how much they have gone up.


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    Hi i bought a s&b hungarian 8x56 last June before the euro went completely crackers im just so glad i did i love it to bits woodnt swap it ive taken shots from 100 yards to 230 it hasnt let me down.

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    I bought a second hand 8X56 Hungarian about 18 months ago for 250. It has worked well for me and really is wonderful glass for that sort of money. I know that fixed magnification scopes are not exactly flavour of the day but it is ideal for me as there is nothing to fiddle with and I can have excellent glass for less than the cost of most of the low end variables.

    As others have said it will cover the precise point of aim at 100+ yards but for most purposes that isn't such a big deal.

    I would guess that I'd soon be able to sell it for more than I paid for it and I would certainly say that it is worth considering 2nd hand optics if they are coming from a reliable source.

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    Just my ten penneth,
    back from Poland, boar shooting under the full moon over snow. A thick reticule would have actualy been very useful in those conditions! My duplex was just too thin to see against the side of a boar.

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