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Thread: .22 Zeroing

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    .22 Zeroing

    Hi all

    Just a quick one being relatively new to rifle shooting. At what range would you zero your .22 for shooting rabbits? we dont see many (though the land owner claims there at plauge proportions.)


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    I zero my .22LR for 50yds.



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    At what distance do you normaly see the rabbits?? That would be my choice. I zero 1/4" high at 50M with high (1250 fps) velocity ammo. When I do that, the tip of the bottom vertical post of my Leupold 2-7X's duplex reticle puts the rounds dead on at 100M.~Muir

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    I would agree with Muir that for HV ammo that's spot on, however I suspect there are far more subsonic ammo users over here.
    I have a Hawke scope with their excellent MAP8 reticle. If you zero at 75 yards the aimong points are:- 38yds, 50yds, 75yds 100yds and 125yds. These cover everything you will need and before the comments come in about Hawke scopes, this one has done the job for me for years.

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    Around 60 -70 yards, depends what range you expect to shoot most rabbits at. I use subsonic as they are very quiet with the moderator. If I am shooting at more variable ranges I use .17 HMR. atb Tim

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    Thanks, your query is making me feel very old. I think I used to zero at about 35yds and rarely shot at over 55yds range. Good luck with the plague. JCS

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    Thanks Guys think I'll just try different things untill I come across this plauge!!

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    FWIW here is some more advice!

    ZERO at seventy-five yards with relatively high velocity (not hyper velocity) ammunition and you'll pretty much be good out to that distance and another ten yards beyond.

    Why? Because, of course, with a telescopic sight you will know that up to seventy-five yards your bullet will strike somewhere between the height between the distance from the centre of the barrel to the crosshairs of your 'scope.

    However whilst I would zero fro elevation at seventy-five yards I'd actually set your windage adjustment at a shorter distance, say twenty-five yards, as the tighter group will aid you into getting the "left and right" adjustment more easily.

    Then once you go out to seventy-five yards in theory all that you need concern yourself about is the "up and down".

    Believe me it is A LOT less costly in ammunition to do it that way!

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    Zero at the average range you see the rabbits at and then practice at various ranges to get an idea for hold over/under. Once you have been out and about a few times and got a better feel for the ground you may want to change zero or ammunition. Enjoy it, bunny bashing is great fun !

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