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Thread: Question re Variation

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    Question re Variation

    I recently received approval to get a .243 in addition to my existing .223 and .308. When I went to pick up the .243 I decided to trade in my .308 as it was a bit heavy for my use. I sent off details of my new purchase to the police and informed them that I had sold the .308. I then put in a variation for a mod for the .243 and when all the paperwork came back there is no reference to the me having permission to have a 308?
    I may have misunderstood the procedures here but I had previously applied to have a 308 which had been granted - I sold it but that did not mean that 6mths down the road I would have replaced it with another. I thought the licence would come back with a statement to say that I do not have a 308 at the moment but that the approval to have in my possesion still stands. I can understand that in 3 years time when I renew my licence and I had not replaced the 308 the police could then say, look do you really want one? As it stands now I presume I have to go through the full application process again - if I had known this I would have kept the 308 and just applied at a suitable time for a one to one variation but like I say I did not think I would lose my approval when I disposed of it. Obviously I have misunderstood it. Please advise, thanks.

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    Have you spoken to your firearms department? if not do so and explain to them what has happened, your 243 was granted in addition to your 308 and 223. I can't remember, it's been a few years since I did one, but when you fill in a variation application is there not space on there for you to list the firearms etc that you own or are entitled to purchase. If so did the 308 get a mention

    Small lesson here, when applying for a new rifle get the mod as well, it will save any possible paperwork cock ups like this.


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    Thanks John.
    I did apply for a variation to include a mod with the 243 and bought a Jet Z. I then realised that the mod made the gun front heavy and tried to 'swap' it for an over the barrel reflex T4, i was told I needed a variation for an alternative mod and thats where the problem came - when the licence came back the approval for a 308 was no longer on my ticket?
    You are right I need to speak with the Firearms licensing dept. Hindsight is great eh? I should have emphasised that I was not giving up the right to possess. Cheers.

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    I don't understand the reference to having to get a variation for an alternative mod. My FAC just says "Sound Moderator" and is not specific about what make or type.

    I presume that I could change the mod with no additional paperwork.

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    I don't understand the reference to having to get a variation for an alternative mod. My FAC just says "Sound Moderator" and is not specific about what make or type.

    I presume that I could change the mod with no additional paperwork.

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    Hi Paul,

    I thought that as well? I bought the 243 and mod from one dealer and then went to another to change the mod as the former did not have a T4. The 2nd dealer said that if the first dealer had just recorded the mod as a moderator and NOT specifically recorded on my licence as a Jet Z then he could have swapped it ie he could swap a mod for a mod but not a JetZ for a reflex 4. I hope this makes sense it does not to me. I can understand changing rifles of the same calibre but with different makes and serial numbers etc and the variation process to an extent, but a moderator is a moderator surely? My advice would be to ensure that the mod is referred to exactly that on your licence - avoid being too specific!

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    The Golden Rule is always to work with your FLO.

    Each CC is covering his arse. General public attitude toward firearms isn't good. Is your pint of beer half full or half empty?

    Call them, explain your "needs" and imply that you are open to their "position". You will then find out how they feel "more comfortable" in the phrasing you use on your variation/application.

    You will probably have to back your view up in writing anyway to go "on file" but I've found that two pages is better than one sentence.

    Only this week I've had Lincs help me out. I've 9.3 x 62 that I use in Africa but no need to use in UK. I'm allowed to hold expanding (and to/from Port of Embarkation) but not zero/shoot in UK. I can shoot FMJ in UK but no one will import less than a carton of 200 and then charge 600 for the privilige. (only RWS)

    FEO "spoke" with neighbouring peers and got phone numbers for some reloaders. Usual caveat about "my choice" but he was willing to allow buy/holding limits that would be practical. Bingo!


    They called my FAC in for a reprint to update new buys so I took the opportunity to ask for a few "shifts" in interpretation. I can't currently "use" my 9.3 x 62 on live in the UK but I've now got deer, sheep, fox and boar on it (also got fox and sheep added to 6.5 x 55)

    One day.......


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