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Thread: Hi from a Newbie in Leicestershire

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    Hi from a Newbie in Leicestershire

    HI All

    Just in the process of applying for my FAC and have applied for .17HMR, 22LR & .243 for Foxing and Hopefully Deer stalking.

    Have got a permission that seems to have a number of Muntjac on it, see them most visits and loads of tracks, so hopefully if we do the farmer proud and can shoot it in years to come, when My licence opens up can go and have a bash at a few.

    Planning on doing my DSC1, Any ideas where is a good place to do it? would like to do it in the East Midlands so its local to me.

    Not really got any rifle experinece to be honest but I am a gun on a game shoot and understand the safety aspect of rifle shooting, I go out with friends that have rifles.



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Mark and a warm welcome to the site. if you wont to do your dsc 1 have a look at donnington deer (Dave stretton) very nice bloke and a great course and not far from you if your Leicestershire.
    As regards rifle shooting well come and pay us a visit you will not be short of shooting and will get all the help you need and meet a great bunch of like minded people with a vast amount of knowledge between them. its just down the road from you

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    welcome mark , where abouts in the county are you , my pal runs dsc courses pm me and i will pass you his details

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