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Thread: SHOOTERS of good character

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    SHOOTERS of good character

    Following a previous thread ( how many more will hit the wall ) One of the members on here made a statement : Most shooters are of good character : which in general i tend to aggree with .
    Apart from the likes of Michael Ryan and the very few other nutters that pop up from time to time .

    YOUR STORIES OF BAD EXAMPLES ARE WELCOME but i just cant think of any

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    Hmm this could open up a can of worms on here. Lets not have any names mentioned otherwise the thread may be locked.

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    AGGREED there is no need to be personal

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    With respect,a thread that I believe will achieve nothing constructive or useful to stalking or shooting in general.

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    seems a rather uninformative thread that could potentially harm the sport

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    No it wo0n't, Ive locked it.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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