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    Barnes Customer Service

    I posted not so long ago about emailing Barnes regarding using their published loads in a m96 6.5x55, to which I received a comprehensive response within 24 hours including a PDF of load data using a variety of powders.

    Last night I sent another email requesting information on copper fouling when switching between TSX and regular jacketed bullets. I have already received a reply from a "lead technician" describing the results of experiments switching between all copper and jacketed bullets complete with results and recommendations. Excellent customer service, I'm very impressed.

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    A mate of mine emailed them as well about loading data for a 260 rem,they replied within hours,he made up some loads and tested them,they shot ok but they were 200fps shy of there figures,since then he has used other data and is doing the right velocity,good service,not so good reloading info.

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