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Thread: Sako A7

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    Sako A7

    I see Sako list a model A7 rifle on their website, which seems to be a halfway house between a Tikka T3 and a Model 85. Seems the rifle is already available in the USA, anybody any experience of this rifle or know if GMK plan to import it into the UK?

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    Whist recently looking at purchasing options for a new rifle, I researched what GMK were able to offer, and this didn't come in to the conversation i had.
    Someone else might know differently.

    They have probably got too much on in the beretta stable with the new DT11 launch

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    I talked to the guy from GMK about the A7 at the CLA a couple of years ago. As you say, the action is from a Sako 85, but with a plastic magazine and bottom metal. None are screw cut at the factory.

    The chap told me it is produced for the American market and is not available in Europe.

    I would have bought one had they been available. They have the three lug bolt and safety system that allows the bolt to be opened with the safety on. I wouldn't have minded the plastic bits. I had to have an 85 instead, which I waited four months for as it was a special order. Sako were, apparently, focusing on building A7's destined for the States at the time. The real sickener is the price - about 800 dollars last time I looked.



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    I handled one in a sports shop in USA, seemed ok, nothing special.
    Some where saying Sako will put them on the European market mid this year.

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    Interesting to here it might be available here at some point.

    I found a review on a US site which compares the A7 with the Tikka T3 and Sako 85.

    Sako A7 Review | Big Game Hunt

    I think it would do well.



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    The A7 I handled at the IWA looked to be based on the old Sako 75 action with a plastic mag’ rather than the “semi control feed” action of the new 85.



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    They must be planning on selling them in europe when they have them on their euro website.

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    What attracted me was the the option of different action sizes, the three lug bolt and the fact it comes pre-tapped with Weaver bases. Given the new price of a model 85, I would have thought there was a ready market for this model in the UK?

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    Given that we are already being raped on price with the Tikka T3, I doubt if Beretta will want to crowd or confuse a lucerative market.

    The A7 looks like it was put together with aspects of the Sako 75 and the older Tikka 595/695 design. Not necessarily a bad thing if it was done well, however, I just can't help thinking that Beretta have been a very negative force on Tikka/Sako.
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    I agree with you Blitz, it looks like a very attractive package.

    However, looking at it from the "glass half empty" perspective, if Beretta do decide to sell the A7 in the UK they are unlikely to make the T3 any cheaper. They'll still want to sell the 85's as the A7 isn't meant to be a direct replacement. I fear the equivalent T3 will stay at the same price, the A7 will be at least 350 more expensive than the Tikka and the Sako 85 will be at least 350 more expensive than the A7. Based on the relative prices of the T3 and 85 at present, my bet is the price of the 85 will be going up if the A7 becomes available here.

    I hope I'm wrong.


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