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Thread: dsc1 passed today

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    dsc1 passed today

    yippee dsc1 passed today at donnington deer services and they where great so well chuffed ,atb wayne

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    Congratulations wayne and well done

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    Well done!

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    Well done Wayne!

    See you soon

    E t R
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    cheers guys ,yes mate see you soon,atb wayne

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    Well done Wayne All being well I'll be sitting mine in May ,although a good bit of studying to be done before then.

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    hw do you want a jelen cd and donnington book for you studying its free i wont need it now mate i would like to pass it on,atbwayne

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    Big congrats matey.
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    Well done that man! I did mine at Donington last year, superb day, great people, highly recommended.

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    Wayne thanks a lot mate ,package came today just need to do my bit now and try and work out how this call works

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