So I took a new member up to my shoot in the boarders last weekend. (Came to me from the SD)
There is only the two of us and Oliver and I wanted to bring in 2 more stalkers into the 1200 acers syndicate.with 5 star caravan. Well it all depends on how cold and wet you are at the time. Boy it was very windy and cold and Neil was not as fit as he thought, the hills are a good insentive to get in shape.
Neil has shot roe before but never in Scotland he was in for a treat. As I say it was cold and windy but the sun was out. Man it is a stunning part of the world. breath taking. My other half is from Dumfries god knows why she moved down here? Neil was taken from first thing in the morning. Well pleased.
There was lots of activity on the clear fell boundery but ice cold and no deer pus snow, thats better than rain I had to point that out. After lunch I took him out to see more of the land and told him, want to see deer, out the wind in the sun that where they will be. Dam me 500 yards from the caravan, 20 sqr foot patch of grass in the sun out the wind cracking six point buck no more than 10 yards. Not sure who got the biggest shock me the dog the deer or neil. Roe buck has much faster reaction time than us, even if he was in season he was gone.
Just seeing them makes me happy, prettest deer on the planet. Neil told me I had under sold the land it was perfect for his needs over the moon he was.
The nice thing is he's like me it dose not matter if you dont get a deer every time, just being there with no phone or email wife ect ect. It is the perfect way to relax and he was great company and I wecome him to the syndicate. Lets face it if your stuck in a caravan for the w/end pissing with rain you my as well like the guy your with.

Now to this weekend leave first thing with a young guy Kyle again from SD to show him round the land. not met him yet so I hope all goes well and he is blown away by the country site up there too

Hope the weathers good to us