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Thread: A TEC Moderator

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    A TEC Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Have just purchased A Tec CMM 4 ALU moderator in / for 6.5 x 55 cal

    Only poblem I have is that it has to be re tightened together after a couple of shots, it is a partitioned mod I guess for cleaning, it does not move on the screw cut it is the partitions that are coming loose

    Any ideas to resolve the problem ?



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    hi phil, i have the same mod in the same cal, i put some locktight ( med strenth ) on mine and its been ok since?
    it comes apart ok for cleaning, the lock tight comes in differnt coloured tubes and strenths, hope this helps

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    Sounds a bit odd to me - mine has never suffered from that, albeit a different cal. Are the 'O' rings on each section in position properly - they should seal it real tight and there gaps between the modules should be almost invisible when you tighten it?
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    Cheers Guys
    First point of action I shall check the o rings and get some locktight in readiness, I have sent a email to jacksons Rifles and will be giving them a call shortly. hopefully, All things being equal should get it sorted one way or the other.

    Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated


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    Never had an issue with mine and I am putting 30.06 through it; any joy with the O Rings?


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    Never had an issue with mine either, Unusual to loose'n if O-rings are seat'd properly and mod is tight , as you say

    Jacksons will keep you right.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    Make sure you tighten it when it is cold and do them up tight.

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    Hi Guys

    Spoken to peter Jackson (jackson rifles) all sorted, mod changed to 30 calibre, instead of 6.5 which is apparently more suited to the 6.5 cal when using 140 grn ammo.

    Peter Jacksons knowledge and customer service is a long way past normal company expectations, brownie points all round for peter jackson and the staff. great to find a good company to deal with and the turn round speed is fantastic, all sorted in one day - brilliant

    Thanks for your help guys, greatly appreciated, happy chap again now

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    Quote Originally Posted by philip View Post
    Spoken to peter Jackson (jackson rifles) all sorted, mod changed to 30 calibre, instead of 6.5 which is apparently more suited to the 6.5 cal when using 140 grn ammo.
    Interesting, did he say why?

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    Apparently the 6.5 mod is ok for say 100 grn 6.5 x 55 ammunition, when the bullet weight goes up, the mod can change the rounds flight pattern because of the round length with the extra weight may be restricted in the moderator and cause a turbolence or restrict the gas exit and could apparently cause a light touch to the mod from the round (at worst), hence the shock to the mod and accuracy of the round, at least I think that is the right way round , it was a bit over my head a bit to be honest but it was a logical solution to me , any way, new mod parts on the desk in front of me in 30 cal all sorted.

    It is a brand new rifle and when I put some rounds through it prior to fitting the mod on it was clover leaf at 100 and 200 metres on the range.

    Peter jackson has requested a update on the accuracy post new mod, will be interesting and cured (I hope and Pray)



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