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Thread: .270 Versus 7WSM

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    .270 Versus 7WSM

    I am at the point of considering going down the route of a 7WSM.
    I currently have a .270 which shoots well enough, but i feel the urge for a change.

    Does anyone have experience of the 7WSM over a .270?

    All positive input would be appreciated!

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    Only positive input? I can only offer my opinion on this: In 10 years you won't have to hunt for 270 brass! Why not consider a 284 Winchester instead? With so many people building 6.5-284's the brass supply will last quite a while, I think.~Muir

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    I would agree. You may find input in the appropriate section, on the American subscribed forum but I wouldn't give positive feedback either on the 7 WSM.


    Can't see what it does, except sell NEW RIFLES, that puts it si far ahead of any similar capability cartridge to make it worthwhile.

    It might have a role, and an advantage, in a single shot bolt action or break-open type firearm (pistol or rifle) but it a conventional magazine rifle for stalking? Can't see it!

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    the 7wsm has some pretty good balistics and is verry accurate at long range and good choice of bullets but is verry hard on barrels ,much wasted on a short range stalking rifle unless you shoot well out their

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    Have you thought of the 270wsm???

    Its a little bit different, not too harsh on barrels, easy to load for and less perceived recoil than your 270.

    Just a thought.

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    Is there an advantage in the 7WSM over tge 7mm Rem Mag for stalking and field use? The 7 mm RM will be a lot easier to get ammo worldwide and probably cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    .......Can't see what it does, except sell NEW RIFLES...
    Enfield, it does not even do that. Commercially it is a dodo. The 270 and 300WSM are selling in the states, but not in big numbers.

    The 7WSM seems to be flavour of the month with the long range F Class type guy's, but for a deer rifle in the UK it offers little only hassle over a 270.

    If you want to hear the positive virtues of a 7wsm, I think Jon2 here has such a toy.

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    I have a .300wsm well, I will have it back very soon once mr Mckillop has finished with it.

    I don't have to worry about brass either as my mate works in development for Norma!!! He sent me 1000 new cases!!!

    I'll post some pics when I get it.


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    I have both these calibres / chamberings, the WSM has no advantage over the .270 for stalking, .......... (Ethical stalking that is!), but If you want to go out with a heavy bullet, see here!
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    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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