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Thread: Pleased to meet you

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    Pleased to meet you

    Hello all,

    I've had my FAC (.22lr and FAC Shotgun) for a couple of years now, mainly for vermin but like to shoot at the rifle/clay club as well, however I've been shooting for 20 years on my dad's cert on his farm.

    I joined up here because I'm looking to get something with a bit more oomph for some long range shooting, probably a .223 because I'll also be able to use it for foxing.

    I've never really had anything to do with stalking or shooting deer as I've never known anyone else who goes, would love to shoot muntjac though. Often see the little beggars in the garden when I'm down at the in-laws in oxfordshire, however I don't think they'd approve!

    Currently live in Newcastle but spend a lot of time shooting in East Yorkshire, if anyone has a pigeon or rabbit problem let me know!



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    Welcome to the forum Barrie.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    hello there

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    Hi barrie great place here.There must be some guys near you that could do with some help for experience.
    Oxfordshire when you go down to the inlaws i would go ask the nabours. Pigeons i have a problem !!!
    wellcome to the site Brian

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    welcome bud

    hope you like the site

    its a cracking place.

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    Welcome to the site

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    Cheers guys!

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    Hi Barrie

    I'm just out side of Newcastle and work at Catterick. I'm on here quite regular looking at all the posts so I'm sure you'll find everything you need.

    You getting out much lately?


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