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Thread: trail camera ?

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    trail camera ?

    hi guys i am looking to get a trail camera but don't want to spend a massive amount. what have you guys got ? which didn't break the bank.
    but offer good picture or video

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    I bought the Little Acorn without the mms for 120 on the bay in December, not the place in the link below.
    Check out the reviews: Scouting Camera Reviews | Performance Reviews | Trail Camera Models compared | Sample Pictures and Movies
    The pictures at night are not brilliant but you can id the animal and you get the time as well.
    I take a laptop with me when I check the cam to see what is on it because the screen on the camera is not that big.
    Pictures and videos day and night, you can adjust the length of the videos.
    It is mist on the first picture which gives a hazy background

    Roe yearling | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Two rabbits at night | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    free shipping Ltl Acorn 5210A 2011 Ltl-5210A "Little Acorn" 12 MP 24 Count Red F | eBay
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    I use a Spypoint IR-5 120 quid from uttings, but you need to by a battery and memory card. it is brilliant day or night though and very easy to set up. i'd buy one again.

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    Look state side , there 1/2 price & most will ship as you require.

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    cheers guys i will look into it.

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    I got a Prostalk from Handykam - Rubbish, avoid this one.

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    Hi Jay I got one on ebay this month. Little Acorn blue led for 113.00

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    The things you see!

    This was taken with the Bushnell, Trail Sentry.
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