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Thread: CZ Combi gun troubles

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    CZ Combi gun troubles

    So I bought it last week, 12bore over .222, built in 92 but sold new in 2007 and taken back when owner lost his job
    in early 2008 or so the shop tells me.
    I bought the proper Kozap Q/D scope mount for it at the same time, at a horrendous price

    I then set about loading some ammo to try it out, tried 23 grains of benchmark under a 50 grain Nosler BT.
    Then the first problems showed up, badly smoked case neck and at best 2 holes (from 5 shots) in a 4 inch square target card at 100 yards.
    Then tried 22 and 24 grains of Benchmark, no change, tried a different scope, a Swarovski 6x42, known to be good, no change.
    Then tried Vit N-120 and several makes of 50 grain SP's and various charges from min to max, finally managed to get 3 from 5 on the card.
    Bore is clean, crown looks good, gun locks up tight, shoulder is not blowing forward enough to suggest problems, but case neck stays sooty.
    Can the collective think of anything else I can try before returning the gun to shop and trying to get my money back
    Oh, tried full length sized once fired Sako brass, then just neck sized, also tried new PPU brass, as is, neck sized and full length sized.
    Also tried loading to standard book length and .010" off the lands, crimped and un-crimped.
    In desperation I also tried a few various factory loads, no better.


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    mate had the same set up .......same results as yr self he part x 'd it for a s/g .it would not group at anything over 50 yrds sorry this dont help

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    mate had the same set up .......same results as yr self he part x 'd it for a s/g .it would not group at anything over 50 yrds sorry this dont help
    Didn't part ex it in Essex did he


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    part x'd at last yrs shooting show at newark cant remember who too sorry mate

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    Three things come to mind:

    Firstly, a weapon like this is always going to be a compremise, I have often thought about getting something similar just for checking around the park (in a 12g/.243) but have never gone through with it.

    Secondly, how were you resting it for the test groups? I suspect this will be important.

    Thirdly, I think that you will have to test it with some factory ammo before you can take it back to the shop otherwise the owner will simply blame your handloads!

    Not much help but thats just my thoughts on it.


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    Glyn, factory ammo has been tried, Sako soft point and plastic tipped in 50 grain, PPU 50 grain soft points and some old Remington rounds, no idea what as not in a box.
    Tried shooting from sticks, fence post, door mirror, sand bags and just held with my wrist resting on a sand bag, no change at all, or none that I could tell anyway.


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    have you measured the once fired cases? do they differ markedly from the FL sized?
    cant comment on the load for 222 but I am suffering a similar neck sootiness on a 243 load. only difference is mine groups very well.
    but he load is low and not fireforming enough to seal the neck.

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    Cases measure up ok, and are almost identical to the the once fired cases I was given.
    The soot is present on all cases no matter the load, including the factory ammo.


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    I've a Brno 502.6 12g/.243 combination gun with a Simmons WTC 1.5-5x20 in a QD Kozap mount.

    It shoots 2 MoA with everything and will go sub-MoA with one of my handloads...


    It is very susceptible to hold -so I support it as close to the action as possible- and to heating up -so when checking zero I leave long pauses between shots. What hold are you using and are seeing signs of the POI climbing as you shoot a string?

    I don't have problems with sooty necks, however. I'd have suggested changing powders, but if it happens with both Benchmark and Viht N-120, this might not help. In any event 22 grains of Benchmark under a 50-grain BT already looks to me like a hottish load, so I might try dropping back a grain. You don't mention how many grains of Viht N-120 you're using, but Quickload suggests anything above 20-grains is likely to be a bit lively.

    Finally. What kind of results do you get over the open sights? I ask because it's just possible the clamps on the mount aren't adjusted so they're repeatably tight on the rail.

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    Scope mount is properly adjusted, and tight.
    I have loaded with both powders from low to maximum load, with several different 50 grain bullets, and even some 40nosler BT's, as well as 40 and 45 grain speer soft point.
    As for hold, yes I supported it as close to the action as possible, by hand and on bags.
    I even tried two sets of sticks, barrel has not been allowed to heat up while shooting, there is no rhyme or reason to the groups, all over the place best describes it, with no shots closer than an 1 1/2" apart, usually more, much more.
    As I'm working tomorrow and the shop is shut on mondays I shall return it on Tuesday and see what he says.
    If it comes to it he can keep it and try for himself, take a few weeks as far as I'm concerned as I just don't want
    to go through all the paperwork for a variation again less than 10 days since the last go round.
    To cheer myself up I have now had a couple of cans of Stella, removed the Swarovski 6x42 ready to fit it to my .22lr

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