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Thread: Irish snipe and woodcock

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    Irish snipe and woodcock

    Possibly not the right place to ask but does anyone on here have any recomendations for snipe and woodcock shooting in Ireland? Looking to give it a try in 2013
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    What type of shooting had you in mind ? Walked up or driven? Driven generally includes a 2 or 3 night stay somewhere rather nice and pricey.Walked up would be with a ghillie and stay in a local B&B or hotel.

    The best woodcock shooting tends to be in Sligo,Donegal,Mayo,Galway and Kerry.However if the west coast is resembling the Arctic as it did last winter they will move to the east or where they can find soft ground.
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    Really looking at 4-6 mates walking up a few bogs, without hopefully getting too wet

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    Re Snipe and Woodcock shooting Ireland

    Hi Roamer
    I was just away Friday/Sat of last week woodcock shooting in Leitrim in the West .We saw 17 Woodcock, rough shooting on the friday that was allowing for heavy rain all morning . Saturday was a wash out but we still managed to see about 12 birds .This was rough shooting at its roughest but was great fun, but its not a numbers game
    The guy that took us out was a friend but he recons if you want Snipe that you should go in November as they have not moved out to the salt marches on the west coast becuase of the cold weather at that stage .Sorry I cannot recommend guide to you but you should be able to pick one up . You might find they are reluctant to take parties bigger than four because you are rough shooting and woodcock being woodcock they dont like big parties . A Bit of advice bring at least 2 changes of clothes for each day ,when it rains it rains bit time. You will find the Hospitality second to none. Best of Luck and enjoy.

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    Eddie Maloney at Maloneys lodge in Foxford (Mayo) can arrange Woodcock shooting and his accomodation is second to none.
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    Thanks both Red Dot and Spider will give your suggestions some thought and see if I can get my boys together

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