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Thread: best .223 mod?

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    best .223 mod?

    im in the market for a mod for .223. the gentleman that i bought the rifle off was using a T8, i know these are good silencers but dont have the ability to take them apart.

    Would like peoples recommendations on whats the best.

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    The DM80 is fairly light, effective, strippable and competitvly priced especially if you go direct to Dave Mercer.

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    third eye spartan on a-tec maxim verry light weight and over barrel mod just like t8 but can strip both

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    ASE Utra CQB and .223 specific , dont need to strip it so one less worry, and very good, had the Spartan, beautifully designed but IMHO not as good as the ASE

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    just got a ase utra cqb .223 for my tikka,not had it long, already feels good and have no issues at all-glen

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    I use an ASE utra northstar on my .223 and it does a good job it also sleeves down the barrel to keep the length down.


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    Ive got a Wildcat predator 12 compact on my .222, its very quiet but makes the rifle a tad end heavy


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    i love my lawrence precision A2; it's sooooo light, and the muzzle treading was outstanding
    and it's made in england

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    Personal preference on looks & weight again.

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