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Thread: powder choice

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    powder choice

    I am considering swapping to H380 from reloader 19 for my .270 throwing a 130gn boatail mainly because you use less so it should work out cheaper
    I have heard that h380 is reaaly for smaller calibres
    is this correct
    does anyone have any experience of H380 for .270

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    I can't advise about using it with a 270, but I can tell you that H380 is the powder of choice for the 22.250, I believe it's named because of it.

    If RL 19 is working for you stick with it, I can't see the savings being that much?

    According to my Nosler manual H380 is listed with 130 bullets, starting from 46 grains and maximum of 50 grains, giving 77% case volume and 2932 fps.

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    I use H380 x 46gns for my .308 pushing a 150gn bullet set off by a magnum primer.
    I used to use it in a .270 I had some years ago with 130gn bullets with good results but I can't remember the charge.
    I have also used it in a 30-06 with 150gn bullets, but again, I cannot remember the charge.
    All I can say, is that H380 is a very versatile powder.

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    Be careful with the volume. It is better to have a full case, almost compressed to a bit compressed load. This for even burning of the powder. If the case is 'too empty' you might get a too quick burning of the powder which might lead to unwanted pressure and pressure build-up (the timing). For this reason you never see the full range of powders listed with a bullet/cartridge combination in the reloader manuals.

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