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    troublesome fox

    i spent today on my permission setting up my bsa stutzen in 270 well i managed a 6 shot group all touching each other at 100yrds well chuffed so off i went tonight in search of a really troublesome fox i have as soon as the lamp goes on hes gone he has been doing alot of damage to the chickens i caught him the other night jump over a 1.5 mtr fence with a barb wire stringer i was putting my money down to a buzzard killing the chickens as hes always sat on the post watching or flying around above but i saw this fox jump the fence clean the other night with a chicken anyway i had taken a shot and missed .well tonight i started calling using my plastic whistle and it came in from around the 200 mark i had my red filter on and flicked it across the field to see it bounding in so flicked it off straight away and carried on calling it came to 150yrd mark and there is a ridge in the field it was just behind that but not coming forward so i flicked the lamp on to try for the shot but it was off before i got a steady rest bugger. started the van to get to the next field but had dissapeared so i doubled back and was going the long way round anyway the first field quick flick and the cheeky **** had the same idea of doubling back and was slinking across the field so just drove in turned the van to the side quickly cycled the bolt and flicked the lamp on and it was on a trot tried a yell but he was having none of it. so give it some lead and then the 270 barked out but with the damp air all i saw was smoke after that so started the van to move out of the cloud but he was nowhere to be seen .**** had i missed again filter off and not a sign anywhere so i got out to look anyway but couldnt see him. i let tommy my gsp out and he was off instantly into the dark i put the lamp on him and he was off quartering as he went then he got the scent and bolted after 50 yrds just sat there in the field looking back at me .what the hells he up to i thaught so i set off after him with my maglight anyway got to 20yrds and i can see charly spread eagled and tommy sat there as if to say here he is dad i found him. well chuffed to say the least on a few points ,atb wayne
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    Well done Wayne ,great read mate ,and well done tommy .p

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    cheers guys ,sorry for the crap picture it was on my phone i had left my camera gear back at home typical.

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    I know how u feel mate if I've got the camera I don't get a shot so end up with a few crappy fone pics .

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    exactly mate i took my set up last week and failed so i thaught i wouldnt jinx myself especially using a new rifle that i hadnt shot anything but paper.

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    Well done! I keep thinking about getting a dog for jobs like this - currently, my Good Lady is trying to convince me to get a Slovakian Wire-Haired Pointer. Anyone here used or seen them used for this?

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