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Thread: Third Eye Tactical Spartan mod

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    Third Eye Tactical Spartan mod

    Withdrawn by admin

    The sale of what are described as "off ticket" moderators are not allowed on the site. Moderators have to be applied for on your FAC and sold via an RFD as any other relevant firearm would, therefore we cannot condone the sale of any such items on here.

    I would just add this is not a matter for debate.

    John with my Admin/owners hat on
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaduflyer View Post
    third eye tactical spartan over barrell moderator for sale as new up to .30 cal
    moderator is off ticket so can be posted ect 130 plus postage thanks 1/2 inch unf thread
    pm sent

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    Pm sent if not already sold to stevienicknacks.

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    back for sale
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    K/filer you re advertised your mod yesterday I pm you wishing to buy I noticed today you have sold sign could you explain please? Regards chris

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    Off ticket?

    No such thing.

    Its in your hands and on your FAC or its in your hands, not on your FAC then its held illegally.

    Off your it in the hands of an RFD and it will be posted to an RFD of choice so that it is transferred in accordance of firearms regulations.....?

    Just asking because id hate for anyone to fall foul of the firearms act and the site be brought into disrepute......

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    many moderators can and are purchased over the counter with no need for a FAC certificate,

    I have over the last 5 years done write ups reports as well as tests and lots and lots of photos on various moderators and i can tell you every one was purchased without the need to produce my certificate in any way.

    A moderator only becomes a registered firearm when it has been entered onto the certificate of the person in possession of it, and intends to use it with the firearm he has the permission to use it with, be that 1 2 or even 3 registered calibers on his certificate.

    Technically when it leaves the manufacturer for dispatch to a retailer its just a steel tube with a thread at some point on its structure. when it arrives with the RFD/retailer for sale he has to register it in his book as a stock item not a firearm, until the moment he sells it to you with the intent to use it on a registered firearm it is then entered into the system and becomes traceable to a degree.

    if you think about it most moderators at this time do not have a serial number (if this becomes law this will all change) so if you have no traceability with no number then a bit of steel scaffold tube in your cabinet could be registered on your ticket as a .243 moderator, no make no serial number no manufacturer suddenly becomes a moderator,

    sadly sir like everyone else who has a bee in their bonnet about this,is wrong.

    This is one thing every police force in every county in the UK encounters, and most have no issues with it, to the extent that in the past I wrote my own moderator onto my ticket and then sent my feo the slip saying i have now got said moderator, no make, no serial number, no manufacturer.

    No problem,

    thank you

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    I replied to the post, because I believe ( and still do) that the vendor is about to get on the wrong side of the Firearms Act.

    The law is clear:

    Under the Firearms act a moderator is clearly a firear; "any device designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by firing the weapon is also defined as a firearm in itself. Even though it is not a lethal barrelled weapon capable of projecting a missile"

    So, unless you are an RFD, or manufacturer (with apropriate RFD) then ANY moderator held by any person, HAS to be registered on your FAC.

    Regardless of wether it has a serial number or not.

    So, if you have bought a moderator over the counter and you have no space on your FAC for that mod in that calibre, you and the person selling it commit an offence.

    Another example - if you have a moderator on your ticket for a 243 (and the moderator is a 7mm or 30 cal) and your FAC you may only use the mod on the 243 - then u use it with a 308 you have, you committ and offence.

    There are no grey areas with the firearms act.

    Most, if not all web forums are monitored by the authorities.

    I suggest you and the vendor have a re-think about whats posted.....

    This subject has also been done to death on other forums and as a moderator on UKV, I suggest that the moderators / owners of this site have a serious look at potential breaches of the firearms act that they too could be liable of breaching if they allow such ads to continue.

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