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Thread: z6 2.5x15x56 BT A4 for foxing?

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    z6 2.5x15x56 BT A4 for foxing?

    Hi there,

    Looking for advice on the z6 2.5x15x56 for foxing, will mostly be used with a lamp, would this scope be a good choice?
    Will be going ont a sako 85 223.

    Regards marshall

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    thats a lot of scope for a lamping setup ,but fair enough if you shooting at distance in daylight
    a barony original

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    IMO the best scopes on the market hence i have them on all my guns in Z6i format...

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    Its the exact same scope I had on my .243 and theres a few foxes wish I didn't
    Its great to zoom in and confirm the eyes in the beam belong to a fox not a roe or muntjac. The Z6 is now on top of the .308 and I'm saving for a Z4i for the .243
    I feel the ( i ) will be the icing on the cake but not absolutely necessary.

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    I have both a Z6 and a Z6i, and I genuinely dont think theres a better scope about, and I have owned a few and tried most of the others.

    It has a great range of mag from2.5 to 15 for short range/long range/low light etc, and the glass is the best I have looked through so far.

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    Nothing wrong with that, it will last you a life time.
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    +1 = excellent scope - do you need the BT? The crosshairs can be a little fine sometimes under the lamp, but I realise this is when I am probably stretching the bounds of the lamp and it's the not time to shoot...!!
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    I have one on my Sauer .308 - it's a great stalking scope, and works equally well on foxes either in daylight, or after dark with an add-on NV unit. If you're ever likely to use NV on it, go for the Z6, not the Z6i, as the latter's construction prevents an add-on from fitting. I'm not qualified to speak about lamping though.

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    Thanks for the replys,think i'll be purchasing the z6, seen as theres no bad comments,

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    im selling the exact scope came off my 6.5x55 only being changed as needed more mag for long range stuff.
    mint condition .
    1200 plus del

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