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Thread: Running when shot

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    Running when shot

    I came back from Scotland (goose shooting) last week, while there I got into a disagreement with one of the other lads, he says that EVERYTIME he shoots roe with his 243 they run a few yards, sometimes 100 yds.
    I repied that he isnt hitting them in the correct place,
    as all the roe I have had this year with the 7mm08 have dropped on the spot,

    I know he has missed a few from the stalker/guide but can it just be the 243 with 105 g bullets compared to my 7mm08 with 150g?

    even when I shot one buck then another so its adrenaline was up it still dropped on the spot.

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    I've shot a Roe Buck and a Muntjac Doe with my new 243, 100grains. Both fell instantly. I have also shot two foxes with the same rifle and ammo that required a follow up shot! Its knocked my confidence in the 243, but yet again as I mentioned, no problem on the deer.
    Very strange!
    All I can think of is that being closer to the ground the foxes are in long grass and this may have deflected the bullet somewhat. Doesn't answer your question though!

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    I've been using a .243 with 100grn loads for roe and muntjac for years and to date I have never had a deer go more than five yards after a shot in the boiler house.

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    A month ago a shot a Munjac Buck at 60 yards, top of the heart lung shot with my .243 using 100g Federal vital-shok, serra gameking BTSP.
    The Buck kicked out and went 30 yards from the ride in to cover.
    I have had Roe do the same with exactly the same combination when shot in the boiler house but to be honest nearly all have dropped on the spot.

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    Here are two words that make me worry


    Mostly the beast I shoot drop within a few yards, some run up to 50 other drop on the spot like this morning.


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    I have shot 5 deer fallow/muntjack with my .308 all heart lung shots. 155 grn SST's all ran atleast 30 m one 100m.

    last week shot my first deer with .260 muntie doe heart/lung dropped to shot.

    So don't call you friend a bad shot the .308 is a tactical rifle that i can shoot sub moa all day long.

    Just glad my deer ran from the start and are not the otherway around or i would have lost faith in my rifle.

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    I have probably shot around 300 deer, all species except sika and have never had a deer run more than 30 yards, even when contracting for the FC and shooting deer at night, the vast majority dropped to the shot. Even when they were bang in the engine room there was only the mandatory kick out with the legs, run for a few yards and drop.

    I have to say that in my experience some peoples idea of range leaves a lot to be desired, for example i have met people who say they have shot rabbits out to 250 yards and sworn by it, but when it actually come to it they have only been shooting out to 70 yards. Ok rabbits are not deer, but i am sure exagerated shooting, or shot deer running is quite common place.

    I also think that some people tend to say that they shot a deer or rabbit at X (YARDS) when they actually (PACED) it out, these are two entirely different ranges.


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    I have used Hndy 87gnHptBt in my .243 and shot hundreds of Roe over the years.
    If the animal is not aware of my presence it has invariably dropped to shot, apart from the involuntary leg kicking which may take it a pace or two at most.
    Shooting of a second animal in succession always runs, not hundreds of yards but at least ten or fifteen even if the heart is shot out.
    I have proved this many times when taking people out because they always want to have a good look at the animal before it is shot and of course while this is happening the animal is looking at us and getting the adrenalin up ready for flight.
    On the odd occasion I have shot one and the person with me has remarked ' what happened there, you missed' but before they have finished the sentence it has dropped and on opening have shown them the heart - or what is left of it and they have been amazed.

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    Shoot enough deer with any calibre and you will get the odd runner, most just get inside the tree line then drop inside about 10 meters.

    Last year I got fed up with my 243 dropping roe does on the spot, I thought what the **** have trained this dog for. then sure enough I got a few runners.

    All the best


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