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Thread: I think this guy needs a bigger truck!!!

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    I think this guy needs a bigger truck!!!

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    I wonder what speed he was doing when he hit it!!??

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    You would get some funny looks parked at the little chef for brekkie

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    Do you think he can pick up sky. I reckon a 243 is more than enough gun for that animal.

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    I want to know how he got it in the truck considering there must have been a bit of a drag and then lifting a huge weight into it.

    As I understand it moose are often butchered on the spot and carried out in backpacks rather than try to move the whole beast.

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    Rope on

    I want to know how it stayed in the truck
    He cant rope and sheet must be a newbie

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    Great Winch

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    Wouldnt fit in my freezer, a good one for the Game Dealer

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    He needs a truck like mine......

    My back is still aching!

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