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Thread: meths for barrel cleaning

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    meths for barrel cleaning

    over the last couple of years, I've been using meths soaked patches as a significant part of my barrel cleaning. It's BRILLIANT at removing the carbon.

    I then follow-up with butch's bore shine or similar to attack any copper fouling.

    My borescope tells me that there's rarely need to use a bronze brush, but I occasionally use JB Paste.

    Watch-out: meths removes oil, so I wipe inside & out with an oiled patch, before storing the rifle in the safe

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    Always run a patch through mine during the winter etc, as you can get condensation when rifle brought back into a warm house. My cabinet is fitted to a wall adjacent to an outside wall and is always cold in there, so all my rifles and guns are lightly cleaned to remove moisture, then lightly oiled, prior to taking them out I run a meths patch through and zero has always been spot on. learnt this the hard way years ago on a Manlicher I had. deerwarden

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    Im new to this game so will take this on board cheers.

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    It's also an old trick when shooting 303 Lee designs for cleaning the chamber as it helps keep the first few shots in the same place as the subsequent ones, apparently.
    I found it better to get a proper Mauser design instead.

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    I use surgical spirit as it may be a little more pure. If you go the same route get the SS from an agricultural supplier. The stuff from chemists has other additives to make it less harsh on skin.

    Deer Diary

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    I also use meths to remove lose fowling then any traces of whatever solvent has been soaking (currently wipeout) and any muck it unearths. I repeat the soak and clean process again and again until no muck emerges. However thinking about it there are probably lots of alcohol based solvents that would work. Recently unfortunately I have only fired about 20 rounds a year, so clean very rarely.

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    ill have to give that a try, would you let it dry and then oil the barrel?

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    Need to be a bit careful as meths is getter weaker and wetter all the time. Used to use it to "dry" petrol in soggy motorbike tanks, doesn't work anymore due to the high water content. Some seem to be 60%.

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    i use brake cleaner by worth, same as the kg but 5 cheaper it removes any oil dry's and cleans out the crud being a carbon cleaner

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    i use brake cleaner by worth, same as the kg but 5 cheaper it removes any oil dry's and cleans out the crud being a carbon cleaner
    +1 brake cleaner better and cheaper than meths. Propper solvent.

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