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    idea - Help

    I have a .308 rifle screw cut and hope to go for boar in the future, I think my 'scope is too big for driven boar (8x56) so I have had the idea of removing the scope and moderator (probably not permitted anyway) and mounting a front sight on the screw cover - anyone ever seen this done and would it be possible and if so anyone got any ideas who to approach?

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    I reckon a good reliable gunsmith near you, or even a good machinist could sort you a solution, a good fitting screw protector, with an iron sight element silver soldered in place, & a small grub screw to secure in place?
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    Someone put some photos up of a Blaser with a sight fitted to the screw cover.

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    Why not switch to a low magnification scope? I put a 2.5X on my 45-70 bolt gun for hunting in heavy timber. Faster than iron sights, and far more precise.~Muir

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    Thanks for the input guys - so it can be done - now to find a gunsmith out here in the back of beyond.

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    Give Steve Kershaw a bell, very approachable bloke....

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