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Thread: Accuracy - Discuss

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    Accuracy - Discuss

    Now I don't want to spend 20 rounds a week on a range "tweaking" performance, but why do others seem to feel this is important in the harvesting of deer?

    Surely only the first round out of a cold barrel is what kills / counts?

    Surely the repetitive nature of "zeroing" is just that. My rifle does what it says on the label, but.....

    What about the one shot, uneven stance, where did that come out of, type of shot ever get repeated ?

    Why can't we seem to get to shoot on a public range on anything other than bench or prone?

    Remember that knee deep heather on the stalk that turns into waist deep at the same moment the deer sees you. Kneeling or standing shot only, please choose within the next second. Didn't practice.....

    That bloody Roe that stands up 40 feet from you on the stalk into a Red Stag...... Quick shot, glad it's down and start crawling and hoping you don't have to spend another day.....

    Target shooting is about repetition. Stalking/Deer Shooting / Harvesting (love that term) can only be about the first shot. Calm deer, sudden loss of blood pressure to the brain, adopt a supine pose (maybe a little way from the last mouthfull of food). Process and eat.



    Yes, I want to shoot to improve my field accuracy, just not this Vegan attitude toward Cloverleafs.

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    Why not tweak performance? Happy with all over the place?

    My regime is to get the rifle right first. The stock must fit, standing, sitting and prone. The rifle must have the same point of impact on the bipod on a sand sack, front or back of forend. If that is ok then I only check zero with one or two shots every now and then.
    This gives me confidence.

    Every now and then I'd use up old ammo to practice free standing 100yds.
    One should do that more often, good fun.
    Shot quite a few this year free standing.


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    Define "all over the place".

    A 4" diameter bull really means that you should be within 2" at 100 - 150 M, assuming you were aiming at the centre

    How can you be all over the place with only one shot ?

    My hand grenade is designed to find hunters, not shooters.

    Again, why do we all believe that we should disregard the first round on a RANGE but it is acceptable on a DEER ?


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    I'm with you on the first shot, it must go to the same spot as the second and maybe third.
    What I mean all over the place is, all over the place in a 4" circle. Today here tomorrow there.
    This set up will limit you to body shots max 200yds.

    We often have no other choice in high grass than head or neck shots also to around 200yds.
    My furthest deer this year was 360m body shot. The 4" set up is not enough for that.


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    I think there are two types of shooter.

    1. People who are as interested in the science of rifles, ballistics reloading etc

    2. People who use the tools nessessary to do the job , and if they work then they are happy

    I fall into group 2, I have quite a pragmatic approach to shooting , I hate target shooting, and very rarely go to the target.

    Those in group 1 will be astounded at my attitude, those in 2 will agree.

    It may be down to the ammount of shooting you actually get, I know now that I get less of a chance to shoot with a shotgun[rabbits,pigeons,game], I'm down to the clay range whenever I can.

    I know I will be doing a lot less stalking in 2009 so I may start going to the target more

    Just an observation

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    What I actualy meant to post before my last ramble is that I am happy to break 3 standard clays @ 100m. In quick sucsession

    My rifle is zeroed 2"'s high @100m

    It suits me

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    Can one shot now and then at a 4" target prove your rifle fit for purpose I don't shoot as often as i would like so like to prove zero with three rounds, that way I know I didn't pull on the first shot if I get a reasonable group. And yes I do agree that its the first shot that counts but don't see how only one shot proves that 'test' shot.
    As for accuracy well I've taken up reloading and want to see what level of accuracy I can achieve purely for the hell of it and to see what the rifle can do. One thing I have found is that as I have gradually found more accuracy the more comfortable and confident I feel. That is not to say I take long or difficult shots - I don't, but do feel happier that the shots I do take will hit there intended mark. I'm also lucky in that I can practice shooting from different positions and off sticks.

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    Ideally you should fire TWO zero groups. One shot from the cold barrel then straight after a second shot on a second target. Wait for the rifle to go totally cold and repeat. Do this a total of five times. Letting go totally cold each time.

    Place second target over the first and mark through the holes onto the target below. ZERO to the mean point of impact of all ten rounds. Ideally on a properly set up rifle ALL the ten rounds should be within 1" or 2" of that point of aim at 100 yards.

    Personally? I shoot five rounds one after the other and zero from that and can't be bothered with the two targets etc. as above.

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    I thought that I took a simple and practical approach to zeroing my rifles, it has always seemed to work for me. I am now beginning to think that I am not doing enough.

    After initially zeroing my rifles I then check for accuracy using five shot groups. I may be very lucky but none of my rifles seem to suffer with the cold barrel / hot barrel syndrome so consequently I can get five shots into an inch circle at 100 yards. I have no doubt at all that the rifles could do better but I am not sure about me.

    Now having achieved this grouping, from a bench or prone, somewhere steady, I move on to phase 2. This involves practising under what I would term field conditions, be it off sticks, leaning against a tree, using my bins as a rest. By doing this the groups open up, BUT they do not open up beyond the target kill area at the distances I choose to shoot at, which by the way are mostly under 100 yards.

    So to my simple mind I know that I am going to be in the killing zone when shooting under "field conditions" and if need by by getting into a much more supported position I can be more accurate. Is this not what we are after?


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    I go along with your approach, in that I want to be confident that under hunting conditions I can consistently place a bullet in the right spot. I recognise that this doesn't guarantee 100% success - see my posts in the Articles section for example - but it is one less thing to worry about when looking through the crosshairs.

    That said, I also appreciate that there is a lot of enjoyment in the pursuit of accuracy for its own sake, whether through reloading, optics, physical fitness and training, riflecraft, etc.

    Like so much in stalking, and life in general, it's different strokes for different folks.


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