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Thread: RCBS/Lynman/Hornady dies

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    RCBS/Lynman/Hornady dies

    im in the market for a set of .308 dies. i was woundering where i can get a fair priced set from online.

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    Why not pop a free advert on here when you have the required 30 posts ?


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    optics wearhouse are one of the cheapest about for online stuff. and there postage cost are good to be fair to them.
    ive had dies,mounts, bases etc etc from them. and always had really fast postage
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    cliffsgunsmithing in U.S.A or look on Ebay in the international sellers section. i buy all my stuff from cliff very good service at a fraction of the cost.


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    I'd try Joe Beatham at Gunshop East Barnet who has a good selection of reloading dies in stock, in RCBS, Hornady and Lee brands. Well worth a call.

    Where are you located as those local to you may also be able to advise. In fact many traditional gun shops often will have the odd reloading die set THAT IS OLD STOCK that they are happy to see gone!

    Another source might be Gwynedd Firearms up near Bangor and they can't be too far from you. An EXCELLENT shop!

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    Just been on Cliffsgunsmithing and RCBS dies in 308 work out at 23 + 10 postage

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    Steve at Trent Firearms in stoke is as fair a price as you'll find on the street. If not smartreloader online always very competitive, otherwise sinclair's but be prepared to pay the import tax with sinclair's.

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    some great advice given again. never thought of opticswarehouse as a surpplier of reloading equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sean12345 View Post
    some great advice given again. never thought of opticswarehouse as a surpplier of reloading equipment.
    I ordered my kit from them. Fantastically helpful and very friendly service.

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