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Thread: anyone stalking in the east borders tonight?

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    anyone stalking in the east borders tonight?

    was out this pm and evening, covered a lot of ground, saw no deer out! it was a beautiful day, no sign of rain or bad weather to come. sun was out and I thought the deer would be all over the place,,,didn't see a single one I'd normally expect to spot 6-10 no problem.

    anyone else out in the eastern side of the borders (A68) and found the deer were not out and about tonight? maybe something with the weather, even though it 'seemed' perfect for them

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    I was out pheasant shooting in East Lothian yesterday and saw a lot of deer however as it was the last Saturday of the pheasant season there was a hell of a lot of shooting going on all round the place. Its possible the deer have had a lot of distrubance all day and have retreated to their safe areas.


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    Was up north on the reds yesterday but went for a rake about on friday afternoon on a new permission close to the A1 and saw 23 beasts.

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    I was out in East Lothian this afternoon and it did seem quieter than usual, only saw one roe whereas normally I will see half a dozen.
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    I'm starting to think that the deer are feeding between 11:00 and 15:00 at the moment based on what I've been seeing. Too cold in the morning and evening. Stalkers learning curve I guess

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    Yeah I would agree with those times.

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    On sat while driving up and down the m8/m77 think I spotted 9 roe between two different locations only about 5 mile each side of Glasgow city center feeding between these times PKL.

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