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Thread: 2 Miss Haps

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    2 Miss Haps

    Well last day on the pheasants today we had one gun fall in the pond head first and one gun left his shotgun on the truck roof then drove to the pub so one shotgun missing in action !!!!!

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    Sounds like a good day then. :S The first one goes down as funny, the second not quite so good. I wouldn't want to be him when he tells plod that he lost a shotgun!

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    One very red faced gun probably still in the local station !

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    the plod wont like a lost gun bad news

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    Yep, bet that will go down well at his renewal
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    That could be 1 hell of a slap to the wrists.

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    my fao told me a guy left his rimmy against a gate after gutting rabbits and driving away rifle was picked up by joe public and handed in, very big wrist slapping .....same guy again left new rimmy against car door whilst ....gutting rabbits 50+yrds away in field spotted by plod ,guy said dont worry be there in a mo ....too late ticket was revoked !

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    Blimey, thought we had a bad one on our last syndicate day today, one of our guns somehow managed to to snap off the forend retaining clip on his best english gun on the best drive on the shoot, pheasants flew over him in two's and couldn't shoot one of em.

    Apart from the repair which has come away from the barrel join and doesn't look very healthy, the banter going around is that he should have ditched the mega bucks english c**p and gone for japanese workmanship (like the rest of us) He is over the shock of the gun problem but with any luck we should get a few miles out of the english craftmenship bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1372 View Post
    Yep, bet that will go down well at his renewal
    might not get to renewal he may have his ticket revoked

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    Lets hope its found by a responsible person who hands it in .

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