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Thread: Fallow with IanF

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    Fallow with IanF

    Up this morning before dawn, to be taken by Ian to one of his grounds on the Jurassic coast.We arrived to a surprisingly mild morning (considering the fact that frost had set in last night) after a briefing as to what to shoot and who not to shoot (mainly Ian for some reason ? ) off we trudged (or is it glooped ?) through some serious sludge and mud (guess this is where all the rain has gone ,that never made it to my part of the world )
    First port of call was a rather nice double seat, with plenty of wind cover due to the thoughtfully provided solid sides. from there Ian pointed out some of the areas most visible landmarks IE, a Fallow so light it was effectively white! this particular beast was far to distant for a shot, but was to prove a good omen, as not too long after Ian was able to point to another white Fallow further up the hill, this time accompanied by 3 darker associates.
    Again the range was too far for a shot, however this time Ian was sure we could stalk into the group, thus followed a gentle perambulation across a bog masquerading as a field! at this point Kenny's trademark short legs and considerable girth conspired to give the old heart and lungs a good work out , after crossing the "field" pretending to be a harmless 4 legged beastie (don't ask!) we managed to move uphill through a wooded area, ending up prone in a fence/hedgeline about 150M away from the group. Ian indicated which of the dark deer was to be the target and shortly after BOOM! a quick prance around and the Doe was grounded about 90M away from us. There was a general rejoicing and congratulations while we waited to be sure the beast was not going to jump up and stick two hoofs up to us as it sauntered away untouched after which Ian demonstrated his Gralloching skills. The beast was bagged and returned to the boot of my car and a hearty breakfast was enjoyed by all another fine outing with IanF
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    did you get to sample jo's cooking. i would go again just to eat
    i had a great time when i went with ian i will be going again soon

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    A worth while journey along with good company makes good memorys

    well done MV

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    AAhh!, the demonstration of the pantomime horse approach, this actually worked one moonlit evening!
    after crossing the "field" pretending to be a harmless 4 legged beastie (don't ask!)
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    Well done to you both!

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    Nice one Kenny
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    well done, Ian is a top man and gives the opportunity for some great stalking. Very nice photos of the result of the mornings work

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    Well done Kenny, I'm glad you had to walk a bit for this one. It doesn't do to find them all at the end of the barrel

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    Well, it wasn't me who was the back end of a pantomime horse this time!

    Still, it allowed us to get over an open stretch of ground without spooking the herd - so all was good.

    Apologies for the rapid approach Kenny, it was meant to be a stalk rather than a cardio work-out but the end result justified the uphill sprint in cover.

    Good to see you again & delighted that the outing was a success.


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