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Thread: Rifle cabinet problem

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    Rifle cabinet problem

    Guy's ,

    I went to open the locking ammo safe in my Brattonsound gun cabinet tonight and it looks as though the lock has somehow moved/slipped and i can't open it !! anyone had this problem before ...........think it might still be under warranty but not sure how long it would take for them to send someone out to repair.........or should i just bust it open.....any thoughts on this lads

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    If you hold the outside of the lock bezel with something while turning the key it should open OK.
    Inside is a nut that has probably come loose, so you may need to turn the bezel before it opens.
    Setting it in the right place again is the work of a couple of minutes.
    Good luck.


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    I also own a Brattonsound but no lockable top (seperate ammo safe), each lock is fixed by 4 nuts.

    I'm puzzled here you say the lock has shifted in what way ?

    and if so is it still unlocking with the said key but not opening ?

    If so perhaps a good knock when opening with the key would suffice, the tumbler may be sticking a little. !!

    Rgds Buck.

    Ps. sorry lad I see now the lock as Hornet 6 says the barrel will rotate as the nut on the back

    may be slack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Buck View Post
    Ps. sorry lad I see now the lock as Hornet 6 says the barrel will rotate as the nut on the back

    may be slack.
    It's one of those tubular keys with the cutouts round the outside, like you see on vending machines.
    Not very secure at all, most will open with a plastic tube tapped into the lock and then turned.


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    Thanks lads .......just back home so i will go up and have another go at this



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    ive seen on a couple of shooting sites people have had problems with the locks on brattonsound cabinets.
    seams to be a common problem on some of them. I had two pistol safes from brattomsound and one of the locks on that needed replacing due to duff lock.

    yet my djs gun safe hasnt had one single problem

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    Yeh Jay ,

    I have heard of a few people with lock problems on the Brattonsound safes.........hopefully they will send someone out to fix it

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    time to grab the still petrol cut off saw - thats what i had to do when the batteries finally went dead on my digital safe - i ignored the battery low light for a few months to be fair.

    I know someone who had problems with a bratton cabinet, like others have said the bolts have probably worked loose over constant use.
    Good luck getting into it though, you may find the still saw is a good option for you too.

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    Attachment 12162if its the small lock like this, (similar one) the locking nut on the inside can come loose allowing the lock to spin around, you just have to take your time and find the correct point when it all lines up. open it and then sort it out. fixed a few over the years and then i used thread lock to stop it happening again.


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    Hi Bob ,
    Have tried everything but can't get slot to line up correctly , they are about 3-4mm apart and nothing i can do will budge them back in to line

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