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Thread: There maybe trouble ahead!!

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    Not sure why trouble ahead,
    this has been on the cards for a while.
    i wonder if finance will be as readily available as they think.
    times are hard and they are hard for everyone


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    A few of the young ones on here will see it but not us old fellas. 2050 the target time ,

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    One thing they'll be a few more deer culled to achieve the master plan for Scotland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    but not us old fellas. 2050 the target time ,
    i will be there to make sure your truly gone

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    Mate of mine was at a farming discussion group last week. The speaker was a 'ministry' man, giving advice on grants etc. He expressed the opinion that there would be 10 good years for woodland planting....thereafter we will need to rip them all out to make land available......for growing food! Novel thought that!

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    Don't panic;the afforestation program has been on the go since 2008 and the industry hasn'tcome anywhere close to the government’s target. Too much red tape and inertia.

    Highland regioncould (and should, in my view) plant considerably more native woodland as itwill provide long term shelter and grazing for deer.

    Commercialtimber is also needed, hence the push to plant more ground.

    At theend of the day most woodland creation is paid for by the tax payer so expansionwill be dictated by the government

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