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Thread: Meopta 7x50 with 4a Rangefinding Reticule

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    Meopta 7x50 with 4a Rangefinding Reticule

    I had this scope on my .222 until I sold the rifle, but now sitting in the cupboard gathering dust, so putting it up for sale.

    It's a Meopta 7x50 rifle scope with the 4a Rangefinding reticule, which has additional aiming points on the 6'o'clock arm and windage aiming points on the 3 and 9'o'clock positions. The scope is used and has some faint ring marks to the surface finish of the main tube and some minor marks to the objective bell casing, which are visible under close scrutiny but none of which have penetrated the surface finish. The lenses are bright and clear but I did notice that under certain light/angles, there appears to be some very, very, faint almost invisible swirling lines to the front objective glass? I'm not sure what this is or how it occurred but it in no way affects the clarity of the glass. I'm looking for 175 posted RMSD for the scope.

    I also have a Meopta 50mm Sunshade, which I sourced at considerable expense from the USA, available at 20 posted. The sunshade won't be sold until the scope sells first.

    No offers please, as far as I am aware, these scopes now retail at over 400 new.

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    Sold to Biker1 pending funds.

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