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Thread: last day knock about

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    last day knock about

    our last chance tomorrow for a shot at the game birds on our farm shoot ,it will be a mini driven day with one big drive walked up , its a collection of the boss and his friends and myself and my mates .bacon buttys and lunch on the hoof should be good .apart from some wild duck my only day out with a s/gun this season as i have forgone invites in favour of more stalking really looking forward to some good company and plenty of banter ,anyone else having a go next few days !

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    hello norma yesterday took farmers son out let him stalk his first his cousin shot his first deer with me a few weeks ago i had one also so thats the cull done off that farm for this year they we had a walk through the woods to get him his first wood cock succeeded and i got my one for this year shot at least one every year for the last 14 yrs now i got 3 beaters days to go to slab of cartridges pack hip flask filled 3 days on 2 shoots before back to the grind stone thursday

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    beaters day tomorrow and tuesday, picking up tomorrow and shooting tuesday. got to get my tweeds out and check for gravy stains from last year... dont think the wife will wash them though as i just broke the news i may be purchasing a hanoverian and she's got the hump oh well two more days off work to look forward too with a drop of port consumed along the way! enjoy your days chaps!
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    hope you guys had a great day we really had a good day but i am totally shattered now had a soak a glass of wine now just want some nosh from mrs norma should sleep well tonight ......**** work in the am

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    was picking up today, they shot just under 500, my turn with the muzzle loader tomorrow glad you enjoyed your day, shame about the work in the morning...
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    hope you had a good day, thats alot of picking up ! your right about work ,the work of clearing up the shoot now begins before trapping starts bike needs a service
    cheers norma

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    had a fantastic day thanks, shot 502 today. i think i accounted for the two! back to the grindstone tomorrow booo hooo! although on the upside i may have the opportunity of a keepering job so who knows!
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    good luck with that then chap

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