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Thread: sako 85 223 factory ammunition

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    sako 85 223 factory ammunition

    Hi there
    have just purchased a sako 85 223, looking too see what
    Bullets everyone else is using,
    Was planning on using norma vmax 50g

    regards marshall

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    What rate of twist is your barrel, I ask as on the Sako 75 .223 in 1-8 twist it doesnt like the 50gr bullets at all.

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    Or maybe I should add my one doesnt like the 50gr bullets and tend to use 60gr.

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    got same set up use norma 50 grn vmax very effective on foxes not to exspensive either i got 1-12 twist

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    Hi ubique,
    I think it a 1-12 but not sure, as i havent picked
    The rifle up yet, will hopfully get it this week

    regards marshall

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    Thats good news if its the 1-12, in hindsight thats the way I wish I had gone!

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    should still be able to shoot the 50's in the 1 in 8 twist. just go's to show every gun can be different. no matter if its the same make etc.

    i would try some of the sako gameheads in it also i bet they should shoot well.

    its just one of those things trial and error with different brands of ammo

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    i,ve got 2 sako's and both love privvy ammo. stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    I have an 85 in .243. Tried softpoint 100gr from Remington, Federal, Norma, Sako, PPU and RWS.
    The groups I got in inches at 100 yards were:
    PPU 2+
    Remington, Federal, Norma 1+
    Sako 1
    RWS 3/4

    So I now use RWS. As I have been advised in the past, the only way to find out what your rifle likes is to try different brands.

    Best of luck,

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    Thanks for the replys,

    The rifle is 1-12 twist, so hopfully 50s shoot well,
    Theres not a great selection off bullets too be found around me,
    Does anyone use the Atec maxiun on their 223?

    Regatds marshall

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