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Thread: Link fo a few more recipes

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    Link fo a few more recipes

    I confess that I've not tried any of these, but stumbled across the link this evening.,00.html


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    Good old Hugh! Can't spell Muntjac though, 'Muntjak' as in Indian Muntjak, not Chinese Muntjac.

    Anyway he is a real ambassador for deer stalking, printed in the Guardian no less! Excellent!

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    Thanks guys, I passed this on to a vegan buddy of mine and he agrees, he actually approves of stalking because we kill, clean, butcher and ultimately cook our own meat. He is happy to accept that we are the only "true" carnivores, and good old Hugh alludes to this. It's an aspect of our sport that we would do well to promote, no plastic meat for us, it's the real thing or nothing (if we are lucky).
    Happy hunting and good eating!

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