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    Sika hind

    On the subject of penned deer, I have access to a small group of sika, one of which has a rather oddly shaped head. This looks like more than just a lump - the whole head on the right hand side seems slightly swollen. This was first noted some three months ago, when it was put down to being possibly a dental abcess or something similar. The hind in question seems happy enough, is feeding well and is remaining with the rest of the herd as they move about the paddock, often in fact leading them. Could the swelling be down to some sort of benign tumour?

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    Hi DP,
    Your deer most probably has lumpy jaw. This is an infection of the jaw bone which is caused by a bacteria Actinomycosis bovis. If you boil these bones out you have small honeycombed appearance. Do you have handling facilities as it can be treated with intravenous potassium iodide. If required I can give you the dosage 2 treatments 14 days apart. Normally if a tumour the teeth become loose as the bone looses calcium so becomes soft and they fall out.

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    Norman I have a similar situation and do not have handling facilities. Are there any other options.

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    Will have to look into options as a difficult one that. Leave it with me.

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    Just in case I get the chance whilst feeding her, what dose should i be giving her.

    Thanks for your help Norman.

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    Sika hind

    Likewise, I have no handling facilities and will need to monitor the hind's condition. If she looks like she's suffering then culling will probably be my best option? Is disease progression likely to be rapid if lumpy jaw is what she has?

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    howa243 & dp
    Injection only as regrettably there is no other way for treating your animals as they are ruminants and any antibiotics given by mouth would disrupt their digestion completely.
    All you need to do is monitor their condition carefully and when they start going down, time to cull. If it bursts the pus has little yellow granules in it but it won't clear. It tends to be chronic and takes time to develop.

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