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Thread: what rifle to get

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    what rifle to get


    i am in the proccess of applying for my FAC, and want to get a .270 win. i will mainly be stalking roe and muntjac but also the occassional red and fallow. i also am looking at booking some hill stalking in scotland and have stalked pigs in poland with this calibre and intent to do it again.

    i was wondering if you could offer some adivice as to what make rifle to get. i have done a bit of internet research and have come across the savage axis range which looks good value for money. i am not looking to spend a lot, around 400 is my limit. i would prefer a synthetic stock.

    any advice welcome, cheers

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    ditch the idea of synthetic stock and look at a BRNO/CZ ZKK or a BSA in 30-06

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    why do you think that? i just prefer the look

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    Cheap rifles with synthetic stocks tend to be problematic.

    Look for a good older Sako in 270,there are loads about with the 270 being unfashionable currently.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    for your budget, any synthetic will be junk and will just let you down. can't beat a quality/accurately inlet, air dried wood, ten times sturdier than cheap plastic. if you want good plastic, the stock will cost 600 in itself.

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    +1 for the above bought a cheap syth years ago Zero changed with bipod then sticks and again from high seat at 2 a shot nowadays spend more on quality rifle and keep it longer.

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    HI shotguntom. pkl is right. save your pennies mate and get yourself a rifle with a laminated stock .

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    lots of older 270 out there i have just finished oiling a lovely bsa stutzen turns out 6 shots all touching at 100 yrds on a personal choice i prefare a good wood stock for recoil and feel both my 270 i paid under 200 quid and shoot very well i would say built to last lots available in parker hale bsa or sako they might have fallen out of fashion but still shoot fantastic. save your money for the scope and get an older classic ,atb wayne

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    ok, thanks for the help. i will listen to your advice and have seen a few sako and rugers on gun trader within my price range. would you recomend any specific models?

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