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Thread: Rws 89 trigger guard scratches( re painting )

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    Rws 89 trigger guard scratches( re painting )

    Right Guys, on my rws 89 .222 the trigger guard and the outside of the built in magazine chamber have a few scratches on them. They are originaly black but you can see the silver metal underneeth so was thinking about either re-painting myself or sending away to get dipped. Would there be any legal requirements with this part and do yous know anyplace where would do a wee paint job. Or would it just be a case of rubbing down and painting with metal paint myself. Thanks.

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    Hi, is this blued or painted?

    no reason why you cant remove it and either try blueing it yourself on the hob or send it to someone (likely to be expensive!). it is not a pressure bearing part so no legal requirment.

    I have just ordered the chemicals for my rifle restoration project as the wood is done I just need to blue the metal.

    if I manage to figure it out then you are more than welcome to send it here and I will add it to the other parts to be done. I will be testing my skills on scrap metal first to prove a point to myself though.

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    Ahhh I believe that the trigger guard is of alloy construction and not steel.

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    get it anodised then

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