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Thread: Best scope for lamp work?

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    Best scope for lamp work?

    What do you guys recommend as the most effective scope for use while lamping?

    I have tried everything from a Meopta 6x42 to a Swaro Z6i 3-18x50. I read stories of guys shooting foxes at 300 plus yards at night, and I think to myself - with what? We have the best scopes and lamps I think we can buy, but I can't see a fox in the lamp much past 200 yards.

    The Z6i is very good, but you need to keep tweaking the focus on the red dot.

    I might just as soon use the Swaro PF 8x50 that I sold here like a plank last year.

    I realise that a cutting edge low light scope is probably not necessary for lamping.

    What works well lads?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    This could be interesting, you always hear of these 300yd shots.
    I once shot one at 250, the only reason I was 100% it was a fox was, because we had tracked it with the lamp and scope across the field.

    All we I could see through the scope was eyes and the very faintest outline, but no where near enough to just spot it and take the shot.
    That was using a Nickel 8*56, so not a bad scope, and lightforce lamp.

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    HI. claret dabbler 300yds is a long way at night back in late 70s befor fancy big mag scopes all i used was a 6x42 swaroski on top of my tikka traper 22/250 where 200yds was the norm .

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    Both me and my budy use 8x56 S&B's on our 22/250's and a Lightforce 240 variable power even then some nights you can struggle at 200 yards but other nights its as clear as a bell out to 300 ish. best weve managed was 270 range finding it the following day

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    8x56 s&b in my opinion, point and pull ! dead simple always crystal clear always in focus no fussing faffing
    a barony original

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    Quote Originally Posted by landkeeper View Post
    8x56 s&b in my opinion, point and pull ! dead simple always crystal clear always in focus no fussing faffing
    That is what I keep coming back to.

    Going back nearly twenty years when lamping was not fashionable or common here, I knocked off a huge number of foxes with a CZ452 in 22wmr and a Meopta 6x42. Foxes were not nearly so educated then and we shot most of the foxes between 60 and 100 yards.

    For years then I shot lots more foxes with a 222 and an 8x50. I have the Z6i on the 22/250 now. I can take them pretty well to 200 yards or so, but beyond that you are shooting at eyes only - and this is not at all clever. Cranking the scope past 12x is counter productive, you lose all the light and the red dot is unnecssary with a no4 type reticule.

    No doubt foxes are harder to lamp and call than they used to be - cubs apart, I keep thinking the old standard is as good as any, a 3-12x50 with a no4 set at around 10X is as much as anyone can make use of in the dark.

    Might move the Z6 2-12x50 onto the 22/250 and experiment some more.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I use a zeiss 6-24x56 and have shot foxes out to 350 yards with it at night.
    You do need a good lamp as well and I use the large lightforce one.

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    Could not tell you what the best is !

    But i use S&B 8x56 on both .17 CF and .22-250 enough said ?

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    8x56 S&B with illuminated retical you wont go wrong (apart from the price)

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    I am now a confirmed Swarovski 8x56 user.

    When using my old S&B 8x56 I had a job to see bullet holes in paper targets at 100yds. The Swarovski allows me to see every bullet hole in the same make of target, and its eye relief is wonderful. I would not refuse an S&B 8x56 if it came my way at the right money, but having tried both I would always opt for the Swarovski. Not something I ever thought I would say!


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