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Thread: Stalking with Sikamalc pt1

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    Stalking with Sikamalc pt1

    Part 1
    Well before Christmas i had booked in with Malcom for a chance on some roe does, and to see my first fallow down in West Sussex.
    It started off Friday afternoon by a very warm welcome and finally putting a name to the face, voice and subsequent pmís, with Malcom and i heading to some woods where he had spotted a group of does a few days before.
    It didnít take long for Todd to give us a sign that we were close to deer.
    Iíve never seen a deer dog work before and in all honesty watching Todd go at-it was superb and something someone could watch all day, sure enough when he stated to pull a few does broke cover, sadly no shot.
    Walking round another area saw us both into a pair of does and a buck, sticks up and breathing rather purposely, sadly they just wouldnít turn broadside on, never mind back to the lodge and again out Saturday morning.
    Bright and early saw me paired up with 1 of Malcolmís associates a really nice chap who again despite me being very nervous put me at ease and we both headed for another area where deer had been seen a few days before.
    Anyway, after stalking a considerable area we crossed the railway line while 1 of us wanted a call of nature. I spotted something moving along the hedge to our right where we just passed and thought were on when it was a bloody dog walker. Then we spotted a group of 4 does making their way through the field in front spooked by the dog walker which was now working in our favour.
    As we just started to get into position a 4x4 with the neighbouring shoot cpt arrived with a quad bike and an exited springer saw them spooking them a little more we both though bolloxs, bad luck as now they were heading towards the main road.
    We had a go anyway and made our way to the hedge separating us from the deer.
    We both made our way quietly through the hedge and peeked our heads through and as luck would have it they were all there and 1 was standing in the ditch perfect backstop in some ankle high water, i let off a shot they all scarpered.
    Then the first dropped dead result.
    When we did the gralloch Iíd shot the heart and she still managed to run 50yards or so before collapsing in the middle of the field amazing.
    Job done we had a brew, and ready for that evening.

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    Photo's, we need photo's....!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamross65 View Post
    Photo's, we need photo's....!!!

    Well done but +1 on the photo's!

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    Well,photos was the last thing in my mnd, the two stalks will last with me for a long time,as well as the moment leading upto the shot

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