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Thread: Stalking with Sikamalc pt2

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    Stalking with Sikamalc pt2

    Part 2
    That evening saw me and ken going to another area where i had seen the three the previous afternoon, as we just made our way over the brow of a small hill we spotted 2 to begin with moving behind a hedge, then 3,4 bloody hell 5, my luck was in again. We stated making good progress towards them when the beaters were making their way behind us then they were all off.
    Spooked just bad luck never mind.
    So we continued on making our way through and along an adjoining field, going in the general direction they were heading when we spotted them again, this time they were making their way towards a hedge right at the bottom of the field, so we had to slowly stalk into position of about 170-180 yards and I settled myself on the sticks and gave another shot.
    Heard the strike and watched the doe run a fair few yards before again we saw her drop in some cover.
    Both of us saw her run, and both of us saw her drop, could we find her, could we hell, both of us now scouring the area looking for anything.
    I though id get to see Todd in action but i found her completely the opposite of where we thought were she was, totally confused.
    So to cut a long story short, and to sum up I canít thank both Malcom and Ken for their patience, guidance and above all company.
    You could listen to his stalking stories all day and he's a true gent, I would happily encourage anyone thinking of stalking shouldnít think for long just get it booked.
    I m slowly making progress getting a few deer under my belt and of course friends and itís all thanksí to this site.
    So a sinceare thank you once again Malcom and I hope I didnít mither you and Ken too much,
    see you soon Arwel.

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    Well done, sounds like you had a good time! But there's a real lack of photo's going on here!

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    Sounds like you had a great time, Well done nice write ups. Malc and Panda (ken) did you proud as allways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cougar View Post
    Well done, sounds like you had a good time! But there's a real lack of photo's going on here!
    Dont think Arwel had a camera with him at the time, and in the excitement he forgot to use his camera phone I guess

    Never mind, thank you for the kind words Arwel, I know Ken was more than happy to take you out, whilst I did a Level 2 stalk with another client. Pity the Fallow didnt show, but they have been particularly elusive this winter.



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    Well done gelert sounds like you had a fantastic time

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    Yes, well done. A good trip!

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