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Thread: Roe Deer In midlands

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    Roe Deer In midlands

    Ilive in North Staffs area and have never seen any Roe Deer several people have seen the odd one but not in any numbers,has any one got any theorys as to why their is a lack of Roe in the Midlands

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    There are plenty of Roe in the midlands, just some areas are a little short on numbers and the Roe hav not yet reached the rest
    Plus as soon as a deer turns up on barren ground often the local stalker or fox shooter nails it to prevent any one else shooting it
    It happens

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    i was asked to take a 500 acre patch in the midlands and control there words not mine the deer ,there were munty and yes some roe actually quite a few and i and my stalking buddy have taken 5 does .i went on sat with the intension of trying for a munty to christen my poppins sack but didnt see a carrot untill i got out the wood and hey presto a roe doe and two kids and then a second mature doe although the second shootable i have taken what we decided to cull and let them pass ,i may not have this ground for long as it is going up for sale but i am not going to rape it for what its worth in the hope the new owners may ask me to stay i a mug hope not

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    Ive got plenty of Roe on my ground. Also saw the first Fallow on a certain patch ive got whilst out lamping the other night, I was totally gob smacked to say the least.


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