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Thread: How NOT to drive off road!

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    How NOT to drive off road!

    Young John Healey (aka Tractor Boy) decided to impress us all last weekend with his legendary off road driving skills. Deako was soooo impressed having to walk 5 miles back across the hill only to find that the farmer was not at home until the following day.

    Please feel free to post abusive comments to teach young tractor a lesson! lol

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    Let him whose never been stuck cast the first abusive post???????????????

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    Well...I did once bury a discovery even deeper than that....(but don't tell tractor boy)

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    Allready know youve done that you tit, you forget to mention that you managed to get the pick up stuck just outside the cottage and that little jeep had to pull you out, atleast i was up ont hills

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    When I worked in the middle east got stuck many times crossing soft sand, you can let pressure down on the tyres, if you got really stuck, out came the air bag, stick on to the exhaust and it lifts one side of the 4x4 and you can get tracks, what ever is available to put under the wheels, great thing but I have not seen them in the UK.


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    weres the video of the 4x4 being retrieved by said tractor lol

    it could only happen to you deako and co lol

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    It can happen to anyone. BFG's and a landy and this----------->

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