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Thread: Best way to clean the chamber and reciever

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    Best way to clean the chamber and reciever

    What are the best ways people have found to give the chamber and reciever a thorough clean inside. I have a short Dewey rod with an attachment that I put a dental swab on but it doesn't do a good a job as I would like. Looking for cheap and effective.

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    How clean do you need it? Your chamber should be roughly as clean as your bore already. The locking lug recesses on my rifles get a brushing with a shaved-down toothbrush once every few years. The rest gets wiped and lightly lubed. Works for me.~Muir

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    shotgun mops. 20g through 10g cover most
    I use a toothbrush on the rest

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    Shortened a 410 cleaning rod and installed a handle on it, useful tool for the cleaning kit.

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    I use an old pistol-cleaning rod (sob) with a .45 wool mop to oil lightly the chamber and inside bit of the receiver.

    Like Muir, I use an expensive specialist nylon brush for the lug recesses once in a while.

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    It was mainly where the bolt lugs lock. I noticed some bits in there and some tiny bits of rust forming. I have some nylon brushes but they don't quite get to every corner. Thanks for your replies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    It was mainly where the bolt lugs lock. ....
    I have one of these:

    and as per some of the posts above, a mop to fit the chamber is available too.

    egards JCS

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    Cottob buds work for me when cleaning the breech end of the barrel and lug recesses. Just take your time and even the little finger with a nice soft cotton cloth on it helps. You should see the crud that can be found in some used rifles in those areas worst ones was that P-H 1000 in .243 that was owned by an under keeper on a big famous estate. The rifle was so abused once I got the grease and about half a teaspoon of pine needles and seeds out of the blot lug recesses and actually got the rifle clean the damage hidden by the muck became visable.. The rifle went back. I can only assume he had tried hot rodding the .243 as the cocking cam was really burred up and hammerign the bolt open it seems he had actually snapped the bolt handle off. Once the crud covering it up was removed the braze line showed. A rifle might be a tool but I would not lend that chap a hammer as I am pretty sure he would abuse that too.

    Makes one stop and think .................................................. ..... well it did me anyway.

    Oh yes oiled chambers are a No-No. All oil should be removed from the chamber and bore before the rifle is used.. Not doing so is asking for trouble.

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    I have an old shotgun rod (the rosewood type with brass ferrule..

    Cut off the thread of one end and drilled cross hole near to the end.

    Short length of lint free cloth through the hole and insert into chamber / bolt lugs and rotate.

    Gets all the crud and old grease out a treat...

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