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Thread: 4x4 AUTO OR MANUAL

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    Well being a manual driver i always said that's the best. But rencently i drove my mate's auto. I I sometimes go lamping and you can do this so easy with an auto always in the right gear.On slippery hills no need to change gear when the going gets rough.I have said that when i change i would get an auto now. Any comments for or against.

    I drive a Toyota Hilux D4D 2004 12000 miles Had it from 2006. Its been great what would you buy.

    regards Brian

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    A mate and I recently did the Landrover off road course. we asked the instructor the question, "If you had to take one of these across Africa (Landrover Disco 3) would you take a manual or auto?" With no hesitation he said Auto.

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    I've had a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Discovery and now got a Touareg all auto.

    I don't think I would get a manual again.

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    I have an auto Disco 3 and wouldn't swap it for a manual. It is miles better than the 2 manual Disco's I have owned in the past

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    I've a Disco 4 auto with an eight speed gear box, I don't think I'd like the idea of a manual box as I would get knackered going up and down eight gears

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    I went auto two years back and will not have another manual.

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    A manual for heavy towing but an auto for proper use.

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    I'm another auto convert.

    Quote Originally Posted by sikadog View Post
    A manual for heavy towing but an auto for proper use.
    I find an auto ideal for towing too... no clutch to burn while trying to back a heavy braked trailer up hill

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    yeah i,m after a 4x4 and going auto for 1st time in 20 yrs. stav
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    My 300tdi disco (1997) is an auto

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